Doctors have it rough. Regulatory requirements, administrative hurdles and downward pressure on healthcare costs increasingly take time away from doctors’ ability to do what they really want to be doing: Providing great care for their patients. These pressures take away from doctors’ work-life balance, too. More than 60% of doctors say they would have serious doubts about going to medical school if they had to do it all over again*.

For patients, they are carrying more of the healthcare costs and spending an average of 121 minutes for their medical office visits. We believe it’s time for a change. 

Medici is focused on the future of healthcare for doctors and patients. We offer a simple, effortless and convenient communication tool that allows doctors to unchain themselves from their medical offices while still taking great care of patients. Gone are the need for low-value office visits or complex integrations to begin using technology to streamline patient experience. With Medici doctors can now generate new revenue from the after-hours busy work that was previously provided for free.

Our Purpose

We are driven by a singular purpose. To change the doctor-patient relationship. The world is changing and healthcare must come along, too.
Our goal is to make global, innovative technology that will transform and truly inspire the world of healthcare.

Guiding Principles











Our Investors

Medici has raised substantial venture funded capital in its early round funding from a dozen private investment organizations and individuals, most of whom are from non-healthcare companies and with an interest to see healthcare evolve and innovate.

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