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What is Medici?

Medici is a global initiative to bring all the world’s medical professionals onto a single, simple, and mobile platform. We are a HIPAA compliant app that provides a platform for doctors to manage their patients from anywhere.

What is your purpose?

To serve 1 billion people with a mobile healthcare experience that is 10x easier and 50% cheaper.

What makes us unique from other Telehealth companies?

  • Your Personal Doctors: We protect the relationship between doctors and their patients. On Medici, patients can only consult with doctors with whom a previous relationship has been established.
  • Breadth of Care: General Practitioner, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc all on one single app.
  • Text: You don’t have to be a “techie” to use Medici! All text conversations between doctors and patients are easy and secure.



Doctors can electronically send prescriptions to a pharmacy of your choice through E-Prescribe. Before you begin your first consult all pharmacy information must be completed.

Doctor of the Day

Each day we will feature a recognized doctor who will address a narrow topic, such as Zika, sleep issues, fibromyalgia, supplements, lyme disease, weight loss issues, disease prevention, etc. Patients can text with the Doctor of the Day and ask him/her any questions they may have related to the doctor’s specialty (fees apply).

APPvocate Program

If you invite a doctor to join Medici and they hold two consults through the app, you will be rewarded a $100 credit toward future consultations on Medici. You will be notified of your credit via email once the invited doctor has held his/her second consult.


We keep a running history of all consultations held on the app. At anytime, you can look at all medical consults you’ve had on Medici.


How will you protect personal and medical information?

Your information is stored safely on our encrypted servers inside encrypted databases. Our mobile only strategy provides several security benefits like fingerprint recognition. We are also well aware of the varying laws around the world.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely! Medici works by allowing authorized users access to a “On Demand” platform to send and receive ePHI in a HIPAA compliant manner. The platform has administrative controls to ensure the integrity of the ePHI – both at rest and in transit – with safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Is my credit card information secure?

All your payments information are securely stored on Stripe, which is the leader for internet payment. We don’t actually store your payment information.

Is there a credentialing process for doctors?

Yes! All doctors requesting access to Medici are validated by our Medici Support team.